Children get lost all the time. In every mall, supermarket or any crowded place. I’m used to hearing announcements that give out the details of the lost child and the parents are asked to recieve their lost kid from the reception.

When something remotely scary happens, our minds blow it out of proportion and it ends up on the worst scenarios ever so that we are forced to think that the worst has happened. One of the most common examples is when you’re alone at home and someone rings the bell.
Complete silence engulfs the house and you think that a murderer is definitely out there to get you so you stay behind the couch to hide from him. Then it rings again but you still choose to stay behind the couch.
Your Mum is on the other side of the door and now she’s imagining the worst. What if you were kidnapped by a murderer? In frustration she rings the bell repeatedly until you realize that its just your mom. When you open the door, both of you sigh in relief and say nothing to each other.

This incident took place in one of the biggest malls in Dubai and Asia. We were at a store , looking at some clothes to buy when we heard a man screaming out someone’s name.

The Dubai Mall

He repeatedly screamed ‘Johnny’ at the top of his voice and everyone stopped whatever they were doing and turned to look at him.
We then noticed a lady who must be The Mother who instantly broke down to tears when she learnt that her only son was not to be found. Some people ushered her elsewhere while The Father ran frantically to the security guard and asked him if he had seen a small boy with a red shirt. He then asked everyone else who had gathered to watch while shouting his son’s name. The worry and concern in the father’s eyes was so heartbreaking that even the audience that were watching tried to search for the lost toddler.

The father ran out of the store and walked the whole length of the mall, calling out for his son. He was maddened with worry and everyone  stopped looking for the boy and chose instead to watch the father in turmoil. Some kids who understood what was happening called “Johnny” along with The Father.

The security  guard meanwhile, had informed  all of the staff from the mall of a lost child and they got to work immediately.

For what must have seemed like hours to The Father , a security guard came running from the other end of the corridor, a child in his hand , and yes , the child was wearing a red tshirt!

The father ran (quite dramatically, I must say) to the security guard with tears in his eyes.

The onlookers followed the father to witness the reunion with his son. It was quite a show to see about thirty people  following a running man. The Father was in tears and kissed his son lovingly, the look in his eyes of pure relief  and a promise to never lose him again. The boy , completely clueless about what he did to be receiving so much affection, I’m sure was glad to be back with Dad. We then saw The Mother arrive wiping her tears. I’m quite sure she was immensely  relieved too.

In the coming years, this will be  a story that will be said to him every year to remind  him how much his parents loved him and cared for him.