Have you ever looked at people walking and stopped to think about them? I think its mesmerizing to think that each individual has a story, a reason behind their existence. From the tea vendor who smiles a lot to the grumpy taxi driver to the woman with three children to the man on the bicycle. Every single one with their own experiences and stories. Each one different from the other. Can you imagine how many books they would fill?

The human race is completely insignificant when compared with the limitless, infinite expanse we call the universe. But can you imagine the amount of thought behind this marvelous expanse?
The complexities and the intricacies of outer space, so diverse and so dynamic. No two stars we see are the same and there are so many unfathomable mysteries in this place. How could something that does not have a life or a conscience be so diverse and grow so beautiful that it has been puzzling and impressing us for so many centuries? It seems impossible that the universe doesn’t have a mind of its own.


And yet, we insignificant beings, lesser than quarks and atoms, have such significant and detailed lives? We have the ability to marvel at the creations of the universe, the will to think for ourselves, love and the ultimate power of imagination. Each part of you is different. Each person is different.

Maybe you haven’t found your reason for your existence. Maybe you aren’t supposed to find it and that is the reason behind your existence, to keep searching for it. Maybe you’ve found it but you don’t know it yet. Maybe you don’t have to find the reason for your existence because, really, why go through all that pain?

And if you feel that you don’t deserve to be here, that you don’t belong, think again. The universe is far too big and old to make such a mistake. You are here for a reason and everything in the universe happens for a reason. So don’t you worry if you have a problem you can’t seem to fix, the universe is working on another new star or galaxy. Give it some time, it will be with you shortly. Trust me, your story has a happy ending, and if its not happy, then it’s not the end. šŸ™‚

( Except for the earth though, I don’t really see a happy ending for the earth yet so we know that after the human race dies out there will be another race that comes that will be able to give it the ending it deserves, so chill, its all going to be okay! )