Benedict Cumberbatch in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.


Let that sink in.
Well, for most of you , it has already sunk in because its old news.

And as usual, I’m far. So far.
Benedict Cumberbatch in theatre. No screens between him and the audience.  Pure and unadulterated acting. No cuts or bloopers afterwards. Some may even be lucky enough to maintain eye contact with him. So real. It doesn’t get more real than that. Unless you’re Sophie Hunter.

And I’m not in London.
And I don’t have the tickets to the play either.
I wish I could go to Madame Tussads and stare at his wax figurine until it melted.
I wish I could have gone to the Sherlockcon.
I could go to platform 9 3/4.
I wish I was in London.