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Suits — December 10, 2014


Recently, I started watching SUITS. And it is AWESOME. In caps. 😀 It is so much fun to watch, it is a must see for everyone out there.
The leads Harvey and Mike have am excellent chemistry of a boss and employee, I love them so much.
The other characters are really cool too.
I’m still in the third season so I’m not going to say much about it but I absolutely love the show to bits.

Suit up!

My Say: Captain America: The Winter Soldier — December 4, 2014

My Say: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I finally got to watch the movie in May and then again in the plane on my way to Mumbai. By now you know that I did in fact love the movie, because I chose to watch that movie in the plane out of many other inflight movies.
And then I watched the movie again another three hundred times.
What can I say, Chris Evans seems to have that effect on me.
When everyone else neglected this avenger, never really bothered him, there I was, loyal and supportive to my favourite avenger: the first avenger/Steve Rogers / Captain America. Then he went and became an awesome superhero in The Winter Soldier. I always knew he’d do something awesome in the movie. All that trust payed off because this movie became a gigantic success in the box office and people started respecting this twenty-something avenger (give or take seventy years).


The movie circles around Steve Rogers adjusting towards the new ways of living and learning who to trust around him.
The movie starts off at a great pace and moves on till the end, getting better every minute. Even if you didn’t like Steve Rogers’ character before, you slowly discover the reason of his behaviour. Under all that loyalty and soldier’s attitude, Steve is tearing apart inside and is trying hard to keep from caving in. Chris Evans has potrayed Steve Rogers in a way that you will feel attatched to captain America by the end of the movie.

The movie also sheds light on Natasha Romanoff’s life and Scarlett Johansson does a tremendous job of playing Black Widow perfectly. You get to understand a few more of her layers in this movie where all her previous covers are blown off. I loved her strength and dialogues in The Winter Soldier.

The action in the movie is brilliant and well timed. You never get bored and if its an action movie you came for, you get precisely that.

The Winter Soldier makes an amazing antagonist, feelingless and purposeful, along with a shiny metal arm. The Winter Soldier is actually Bucky Barnes, Steve’s best friend who was thought to be dead who is now brainwashed and does not remember Steve due to the immense torture he’s been under. Steve, however still believes in him and refuses to fight with him or injure him. The scene where he lets go of his shield and Bucky saves him is heart warming and Sebastian Stan does full justice to Bucky and The Winter Soldier.

Anthony Mackie makes a great sidekick, as Falcon, faithful and loyal to Steve Rogers, agreeing to help him out on a seemingly impossible mission. Everyone will love the character he plays in the movie as the retired air force officer with his own kick ass pair of wings.

The supporting characters did a stupendous job too with actors like Robert Redford and Samuel. L. Jackson. I personally also liked Cobie Smulders as agent Hill in the movie although she had few appearances.

All in all, I enjoyed the movie to the fullest, and by now I could probably narrate the dialogues by heart. This movie was an awesome Marvel movie and I loved it and was left feeling very satisfied when I was done with the movie.