I am a softie. I cry for sad things and weep and sob for even more sad things. I laugh out loud for the happy things. This movie made it clear that I cry a lot and that character deaths affect me, whether in books or in movies.

My exams got over yesterday, so that calls for a celebration. Friday seemed like an ideal day for watching a movie, so off we went to the usual mall to watch the movie. The mall where you are bound to find someone you know in the weekend. The Fault In Our Stars encouraged non readers to read, an achievement that very few authors can achieve ( Duh, they’re non readers, not many authors ).

Every second teenage girl in Dubai wanted to watch that movie. On a Friday evening, me and one of my friends went to watch the movie. And OH GOSH, It was beautiful.

It had most of the book in it, hence it didn’t disappoint. 😀

Also, by the time we left the theater, I was sobbing so much that my friend had to ask me a several times if I was okay. I dont think anyone else cried that much but I sure did.

But then Im a person who almost cried for ‘Frozen’, so, yeah, I cry a lot. 😛

Obviously, like any bookworm, I will say one thing, The Book was Better. 😀