Music. An inseparable part of me. You can take away all you want from me but you cannot take away my love and passion for music. And Harry Potter.
Everyone who knows me knows about the two loves of my life- Harry Potter and Music. (Now three, if you count Sherlock.)  The subtitle of my blog says ‘life of a fifteen year old girl who cannot live without music but I noticed tbat I haven’t mentioned anything about the music part of me. Music is a HUGE part of me and I think that I cannot live without music for more than a day. So, I take this opportunity to list some of my favourite artists and genres of music.
I can listen to any genre of music (except for metal)  and almost every language (some languages do drive me crazy) and also manage to enjoy it. As with most of us in the world, our favourite songs keep changing as new ones come out.
Since my exams start on Monday, I don’t have time to do anything except sit in front of my textbooks and study, hence the long gap between my last post and this one.

Here are my top songs for this week. (They’re all in English) Mind you, I said my top songs, so they aren’t exactly what you’d call updated.
They’re a lot fun listening to, I guarantee you that!
1.Wake Me Up When September Ends-Greenday
2.All of Me- John Legend
3.Don’t Forget- Demi Lovato
4.All Of the Stars- Ed Sheeran
5.Light Me Up- Birdy
6.My Immortal- Evanescence
7.Addicted to you- Avicii
8.Human- Christina Perri
9.Lifted- Naughty Boy ft. Emily Sandé
10.Bleeding Out- imagine dragons
11.Sing- Ed Sheeran
12.BBC Sherlock theme 🙂
13.Pompeii- Bastille
14.Safe And Sound- Taylor Swift
15.Free-Rudimental ft. Emily Sandé

Let me know what you think of these songs in the comments below!