So, there it is. The cover. The Blood of Olympus. The fifth book in the Heroes of Olympus Series and the last.

Am I thrilled? Not really. Because the release of this book means the end of the series and the end of this series means the ultimate end of Percy Jackson.
Not his death, no, that would be terrible. But we won’t see him again. But I will, of course, visit him again and again in the other books. But no new tales of his that we can read.

The House of Hades was a nice book, but there were few new characters and there was too much of Percabeth moments. It does take a serious cliffhanger to bite your nails off in anticipation for the next book. Because I wasn’t counting down or anything. Nevertheless, this is the last book, so I thought we’d see a last look of Percy in the cover. He’s been with us for ten books! Of course he deserves to be in the cover! But then again, he appeared on every cover except for Lost Hero. I cannot seem to find Annabeth or Piper, both who have appeared only once in the covers of all the five books. The cover has a lot going on and is a feast to the eyes but the absence of the two girl heroes is quite prominent. We also get to see Hazel and Frank for the first time ever, which I think is a plus point.
Anyway, here is the much awaited cover: