Since I watched The Avengers, I fell in love with everyone in the movie and vowed to watch Captain America 2 since then.  But because of certain circumstances, this fangirl could not catch a glimpse of the hunky Chris Evans and drool over his hotness on the big screen. So, my super sweet parents, seeing my Chris-Evans-deprived state took pity on me and told me that they’d take me on any movie I wanted to see next. So, the next movie on my list was, of course, the amazing Spider-Man 2. To be honest, I would’ve gone for Captain America with my parents, but they didn’t seem too enthusiastic of this never heard before superhero. So, we went off to watch Amazing Spider-Man.

There are major spoilers in this review, so read this review at your own risk.

Spider-Man did disappoint me a teensy weensy bit. But Andrew Garfield didn’t. So, it was all worth it in the end. The 3D effects were quite impressive,  I dont know what else to say about it. The plot line was thin but the actors did a very good job according to me, and I especially liked Emma Stone’s performance.

The beginning of the movie is fantastic and you begin to expect a lot from it. But by the time you get to the middle there’s a lot of Peter-Gwen romantic moments that you get tired of them. You come into the theater expecting a lot of action and hurt and superhero-ness but you get a lot of mushy moments. I did enjoy them in the starting, but it started to wear off.


I didn’t really warm up to Harry Osbourne, and when my mother asked me if he was a bad guy, all I could do was shake my head and say I dont know. His evil self later didn’t seem very evil either, according to me. Jamie Fox is cool and electric in the movie. No other words for him. I wish there were more scenes with him fighting with spidey- but to my disappointment, there were only two short scenes. He reminded me of the villain in fantastic four- Victor Von Doom- only that Von Doom could conduct electricity and Electro was electricity. But they did have similar powers.

When Gwen announced that she was going to England, I was quite surprised but then when Peter told her that he’ll follow her wherever she goes, I knew something was going to happen. And it did. Because Spider-Man can’t leave his own city!


Gwen Stacy dies. Her death scene is heartbreaking and I have to admit I teared up. Inspite of the idiots sitting behind me saying ”Oh now she’ll wake up! Noohhh Gwen! Nohh” and then laughing at their own stupid jokes. Some shushing from people sitting with them didn’t shut them up either but I couldn’t do anything anyway because I was trying to control my tears from escaping from my eyes. And yeah, I cried like a baby when her funeral scene came along and the end part was the most cliche- but I didn’t mind it one bit. Because it is a superhero movie after all. What is a superhero movie without cliches?

I NEEDED Andrew in the picture.

This isn’t my favourite superhero movie, but I did like it on the whole. I wouldn’t mind watching it again. On T.V, that is. Because I love Andrew. Even though he isn’t as hot as Chris. But they are my boys. As for now atleast.

One thing I’ve learnt from this experience is that my parents are extremely tolerant people. And very sweet parents.
Another thing I’ve learnt is that I cannot write a decent review.
But I will be writing more reviews, of course, for one always learns from one’s mistakes.