I have never been a poet myself, but this poem is written by my brilliant cousin sister, Nidhi M and I wanted it to be read.This poem is about female feoticide which is a horrible evil practice in India as girls are considered to be a burden on the society. 

 Little woes in a womb

As in my mother’s womb I stayed,

In fright I’d often curl

As in dread of the day I often lived,

When they‘d come to know I was a girl


I often wondered

Whether they’d love me

I often pondered

On what they’d think of me


Would I be the apple of their eyes

Or a sore burden in my parents’ lives?

Would they encourage my tries

Or discourage my life’s developing strides?


Would they soothe or instil

In me the fears

With which my heart would fill

With disappointment in the coming years?


Would I be their good luck charm

Or a curse with no place in their heart?

Would they guide and protect me from harm

And play a loving parent’s part?


Would they let me live

In the first place? I ask

Would the social awareness drives give

Me protection? I ask


Let me live, I beg you

Let me enjoy

What is enjoyed by you

Tomorrow , let me raise my head

In pride and say that

‘I am proud to be a girl child!!’

Nidhi M