Yes, I have finally joined the Sherlock fandom and I have never ever joined any other fandom so quickly. I absolutely love the characters and the actors and the dialogues and everything about it. I finished watching the whole of Sherlock(three seasons, Nine episodes) in less than two days. My love for the British people has increased again. I love Benedict Cumberbach and his delivery of dialogues that makes him so perfect for the role of Sherlock Holmes. Thank God for BBC, Benedict Cumberbach, Sherlock Holmes, and everything British. I dont want to write much because the only thing I can type contains the words I LOVE. 

I was disheartened when I heard the next season would release only in 2016. I cannot wait till then. I just cannot. Its been two days since Ive joined the fandom and Ive already convinced some of my friends to watch it. For those who havent watched it, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!??


Thank you to all those who encouraged me to join the fandom-  Charlotte ( ) and Laboni ( ) to name a few. 😀