I may be too young to say anything at all about life, but I do think that people should try to do the following things to the best of their ability.  Like my cousin says- I get the philosophical bug sometimes. And this is one of those times.
One: Don’t ever give up on anyone or anything.  You’ve gotta get up and try and try( I love that song by pink)
I won first place in an English elocution competition at school after trying for three years. (I’m not boasting or anything) and trust me that day was the best day of my life. Winning after trying hard for so long is much better than winning something for the fiftieth time. It gives you joy to think that you’ve finally achieved something.  You will succeed. No matter what may come. Just keep trying..
People are a whole different matter. Don’t give up on friends or family. By that I mean, if there are broken relations and you’re sandwiched in the middle, do your best to get them together. The only possible way is through.  Now, if you’re the reason a person is getting sandwiched, chuck your ego in the trash can and throw it into space. Then walk to whomever you’re fighting with and go hug him or her. This is for minor fights which teenagers often find themselves in. I’m not really sure if this will work in the case of adult issues relating to property etc.
Two: Don’t stop helping. If you help at least fifty people, when you need help, even if forty-nine people turn their backs on you, there will be one person who might help you.
My goal is a hundred people because if one of them does agree to help me and I end up accidentally setting their house on fire, I’ll have backup.
Whenever I’ve tried to help people, I’ve never really benefited from it. In fact, I think I would have been better off if I hadn’t helped them at all. But I still haven’t stopped helping and I don’t suppose I’m going to stop anytime soon. Helping people is relieving because the joy you get when you receive a smile, after helping someone is priceless.
Three: Try the Harry Potter series. Give it a chance. It is the most beautiful adventure you can be on. Trust me and a gazillion other people on this. Really.

i wish