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The Ultimate Journey — November 28, 2013

The Ultimate Journey

The Ultimate Journey

On Happiness

The beast inside — November 17, 2013

The beast inside

This chapter didn’t come out like I wanted to, but hey, there’s going to be more of Leah. I am going to try my best to make this story worthwhile. Hope you enjoy the read! I do not know why I chose horror movies as her main phobia, but it has everything ghastly in it. Zombies, ghosts and the like.

Leah tossed and turned in her bed. She just could not shut her eyes. If she did, horrible images of the horror movie she had just seen would appear in front of her eyes. Yes, she admitted it, she was a baby when it came to horror movies. She’d be the one to run and hide under the table when anyone mentioned it. She would rather watch some stupid cartoon on television than watch ghosts, zombies and the like.

After being teased yesterday for her fear of horror movies, she finally decided to face her fear today. She cursed herself silently now, for the extremely brave and foolish decision. Now she had made herself even more scared. She wasn’t scared of heights, water or closed spaces. She was fourteen, and yet, when it came to little things like horror movies and dark rooms, she would jump out of her skin. 

Her parents had tried to convince her that nothing was wrong with dark rooms, but after thousands of attempts to remove her fear, they finally gave up.Once, her cousin had tricked her into entering a dark room and she threw such a fit that he and his family had to leave without having dinner. He never mentioned the word dark in front of her after that incident. Even now, she lay on her bed with the lamp on. She felt safe like that. 

She finally got up and started pacing about the room. That kept her legs busy, but her mind was still filled with those horrible images. I am never watching one of those again. That was the only thought in her mind apart from the terrifying visuals. She took a deep breath and stopped pacing about for a while. She grabbed the torchlight on her table, walked into her balcony and watched the few cars in the road from nine floors above. The torch in her hand shined bright to illuminate a part of the balcony. Just in case. Ten deep breaths later, she found herself more calm and surprisingly, the images had left her. Now there was only a distant echo of a screaming lady, but that was distant. Ten more deep breaths, now she felt composed and knew that she could sleep soundly. She walked back into the room and picked up the book she was reading last night.It was in the spot she had left it last night, on the couch next to the bed. She thought for once that maybe, her fear of Horror movies was gone. Tomorrow, she would try to tackle another one. It made her feel like she had emerged victorious from a battle, and she wanted to feel like that again. She sat on the couch and began reading.

Not caring about the time, her fingers flipped a hundred pages, until she was drained and fell asleep in the couch. Little did she  know what was in store for her for the rest of her life. 

20 followers! Thank you! —

20 followers! Thank you!

Didn’t think that this post would be coming here so soon. It is my second milestone. And I already feel like a celebrity. 20 people taking their time off from their daily schedule to like, comment an follow my blog. However, I have to admit, that I have not been committed to this blog recently. I will not state a cause because it does not seem adequate enough. So, I will apologize for the umpteenth time.

All I would like to say is Thank you. A very big one. So here Goes:


Have a nice day!

Keep reading, keep writing and keep smiling.

Thanks a Ton!
Thanks a Ton!