Wings are beautiful things that I wish had. According to me, flying would be the best thing that would happen to me. Touching the clouds in the sky and feeling as free as a bird (quite literally now). Wings would make life more bearable and wonderful. What could be more thrilling than the coolย wind whipping against your face and seeing that your legs don’t touch the ground?

If wings could be hidden under jackets or cloaks, I would love to own a pair of wings. There are few specific reasons why I would want them.

1-Mobility. When your feet are tired, you will always have a backup. In the same way, when your wings are tired, you can always walk to your destination.

2-I can finally enjoy sports. I absolutely hate sports. But who would refuse to a game of quidditch-without-broomsticks? Yes it isn’t the same, but you are playing while you are flying. And that, seems like fun to me.
I believe that everyone has a pair of wings. The pair of wings to follow your dreams. Don’t ever look back or stop. Your dreams are here to stay.
So go out, check the flying conditions and chase the sun.