Yesterday was Eid. So Belated Eid Mubarak to everyone out there! I apologize for the late post. In fact, I haven’t been writing at all lately. Despite the fact that I have a whole week of holidays.

I had been to Fujairah, a place over one hundred kilometers from Dubai, with the ones that I love in a Land Cruiser Prado. The view was worthwhile, what with the reddish-brown sand dunes, the jagged and rocky Mountains and the occasional sightings of camels and Ghaf trees.  Image

First we stopped at a beach in Fujairah. I just realized how much I actually missed being at the beach. All the memories that I have in the beach are wonderful and happy. Yes, I live in a place which heats up to forty-five degrees in summer and cools down to only about twenty degrees in the winter. But I still love going to the beach. The hot sun rays on your back, the cool waves touching your legs and the sand under your feet makes each moment worth living. It makes you wonder why anyone would ever want to quit their lives or run away from life. The calming and ever-ranging shades of blue made me think of the best things on the earth (Including Percy Jackson’s eyes). The sea and the sky met so beautifully in the horizon, if I was an artist, I would waste no more time and start painting that out. The sea calmed me, but I did feel a sense of happiness and ecstasy I don’t think I would feel doing anything else. This joy was the different kind, not the whooping ‘Yay! I am HAPPY NOW! I am going to keep Jumping and dancing till I die!,’ kind, but the happy, content feeling that makes you want to sing kind.Image

Another thing that is fun in the beach is writing on sand. My cousin and I, being the potterheads we are, wrote Always on sand. This, I’m sure will be the highlight of our trip.Image

We then moved to another beach, but this one was a beach park. So while the adults searched for a shady spot, my cousin and I sat on the swings. I felt like I was seven again, my heart leaping ever so slightly when the swing dropped down and the wind beating against my face, making my hair fly. I have to say that the swings were a bit uncomfortable, and we had aching sides by the time we got off, but it was worth it.


We then went for a boat trip, which I have to say was exhilarating. It was a tiny boat with a shade and all, complete with all of us having to wear life jackets. I had been on a boat before, but I don’t really remember much from that incident. Again, we faced the sea, wind and sunshine accompanied by smiles on everyone’s faces. 

To think of the vast and varied population beneath the water was wonderful.Random fact:An estimated 50-80% of all life on earth is found under the ocean surface and the oceans contain 99% of the living space on the planet. Yes, the water in the sea is saline, but the thought of living under the sea ought to be an awesome experience. To look at the wondrous creatures living down there every day of your life, swimming to a new place every day. Oh, and the dream of being a mermaid will finally come true. Despite the fact that in the books I’ve read after the fairy tales, mermaids are supposed to be vicious and scary looking creatures. But my mind just will not accept that. I still believe in the fact that mermaids are beautiful creatures with even more beautiful voices.

We headed back home after that, the two-hour return journey being much more beautiful, with the sun slowly diminishing, giving the whole road a different glow. Or maybe it was the fact that my mind was filled with nice and new things, and was calm and relaxed.Or maybe it was the fact that I was choosing the tracks I wanted to listen to. Image

This trip opened my eyes, to some extent. The fact that human lives are so insignificant, compared to the stars and the planets and the milky way. The fact that nature has so much to offer and some of us overlook these wondrous things and move on with life. It seems impossible not to appreciate nature. It is the one thing that is impossible. It is impossible not only on earth, but anywhere else, for that matter.