Fictional characters…. who doesn’t love them?

You can fall in love with them and they will reciprocate the love back to you, whether they know it, or not. By this I mean only fictional characters in books. The best part about them is that you can morph the people you read about into whoever you want them to look like. Some people may just rely on the movies to find out how the characters look like, but to a true bookworm, it is he or she imagines finds time to imagine what the character looks like. Taking time to analyze and picture the character is something that I thoroughly enjoy doing.  Then discussing it with someone else who thinks that the character looks different. 

Fictional characters are so perfect, despite their imperfections and flaws. Maybe their flaws and the way they handle it makes them so wonderfully unique. It may even be the fact that you have an insight to the characters mind if you are reading from the character’s point of view. You will always understand a fictional character perfectly, sometimes, even more than real people.

Often, when I close a book, I have to take some time to digest the depressing fact that the fictional world is not real. And that the real world is not fictional. The characters that I so truly love, will never be able to hear me or feel my presence. My heart even breaks sometimes, when I see the one I love, between the pages of a book, with another girl. 

Real people cannot be as perfect as these characters. For example, they cannot be perfectly evil, like Voldemort. The thing about non-fictional characters is that, they are real. You cannot imagine their appearances, for they will be the same no matter what. Even if you love them with all your heart, they may never reciprocate that love back to you. 

Books can take you to different worlds, and even make you meet people you are destined to be with, for the rest of your life. That is why I absolutely love reading.

The first ever person I truly ever fell in love with is Percy Jackson. And fortunately or unfortunately, he isn’t real.Image