This popped into my head one day, and I thought that I should really put it in here. You can all imagine the scenario of why she is going through such pain. I will leave it to you, as I have not found the exact reason. I am not going to expand the story because I do not know where to start or continue with this. Hope you enjoy it. 😀
As I settle into the bed, I run my fingers through the creases of the linen blankets. It seems to calm me down. My body is so tired, my bones feel like they are alight and my muscles are screaming in agony. After all I’ve been through, I close my eyes and wonder how many seconds it would take me to sleep. Six, maybe.

The pain intensifies and I don’t know what to do. I want to scream and hug my limbs, but I don’t have the energy to speak, let alone scream. My eyelids won’t stay down for more than three seconds. The only way to escape this excruciating pain is to fall asleep. Enter the world of dreams, where I wouldn’t have to face the pain. But my eyelids don’t seem to like that idea.

I start taking deep breaths but my lungs get constricted and I cough, which makes me wince. Mustering all of the energy left inside of me, I manage to get up and sit straight, the ornate headboard to support my weak back. I reach my hand out to the glass of water on the table beside me. My hand shivers violently and I bring my hand back.
My head is now spinning with the effort I took to reach for the glass. I lift my other hand and place it on my head, trying to apply force to calm it down. But my hand is numb and I’m worried that I may not be able to do anything in my life ever again. Could my death be approaching? 

The pain reaches to a point where I had not imagined pain could ever reach. Hot tears stream down my eyes and I look at my body, now expecting it to slowly be breaking into pieces. If this is death, it should happen fast, I pray. I wipe the tears from my face and hold my body tightly towards me. It is all I can do without disturbing the others. The tears are falling faster than before and in a few hours, or seconds, I don’t know the difference now, my pajamas are soaked with my own tears. I finally decide to give up, scream, run berserk. I cannot hold on much longer. Tears still streaming down my face, I make a mammoth effort to stand up.

I feel faint now, my knees buckle, and I pass out on the cold floor.

When I wake up, my head feels heavy but I notice that the pain in the rest of my body has receded. Feeling extremely grateful to whoever helped me up, I take a deep breath and sigh.