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Wings — October 23, 2013


Wings are beautiful things that I wish had. According to me, flying would be the best thing that would happen to me. Touching the clouds in the sky and feeling as free as a bird (quite literally now). Wings would make life more bearable and wonderful. What could be more thrilling than the cool wind whipping against your face and seeing that your legs don’t touch the ground?

If wings could be hidden under jackets or cloaks, I would love to own a pair of wings. There are few specific reasons why I would want them.

1-Mobility. When your feet are tired, you will always have a backup. In the same way, when your wings are tired, you can always walk to your destination.

2-I can finally enjoy sports. I absolutely hate sports. But who would refuse to a game of quidditch-without-broomsticks? Yes it isn’t the same, but you are playing while you are flying. And that, seems like fun to me.
I believe that everyone has a pair of wings. The pair of wings to follow your dreams. Don’t ever look back or stop. Your dreams are here to stay.
So go out, check the flying conditions and chase the sun.

Sun, Sea and Smiles- The three S’s — October 16, 2013

Sun, Sea and Smiles- The three S’s

Yesterday was Eid. So Belated Eid Mubarak to everyone out there! I apologize for the late post. In fact, I haven’t been writing at all lately. Despite the fact that I have a whole week of holidays.

I had been to Fujairah, a place over one hundred kilometers from Dubai, with the ones that I love in a Land Cruiser Prado. The view was worthwhile, what with the reddish-brown sand dunes, the jagged and rocky Mountains and the occasional sightings of camels and Ghaf trees.  Image

First we stopped at a beach in Fujairah. I just realized how much I actually missed being at the beach. All the memories that I have in the beach are wonderful and happy. Yes, I live in a place which heats up to forty-five degrees in summer and cools down to only about twenty degrees in the winter. But I still love going to the beach. The hot sun rays on your back, the cool waves touching your legs and the sand under your feet makes each moment worth living. It makes you wonder why anyone would ever want to quit their lives or run away from life. The calming and ever-ranging shades of blue made me think of the best things on the earth (Including Percy Jackson’s eyes). The sea and the sky met so beautifully in the horizon, if I was an artist, I would waste no more time and start painting that out. The sea calmed me, but I did feel a sense of happiness and ecstasy I don’t think I would feel doing anything else. This joy was the different kind, not the whooping ‘Yay! I am HAPPY NOW! I am going to keep Jumping and dancing till I die!,’ kind, but the happy, content feeling that makes you want to sing kind.Image

Another thing that is fun in the beach is writing on sand. My cousin and I, being the potterheads we are, wrote Always on sand. This, I’m sure will be the highlight of our trip.Image

We then moved to another beach, but this one was a beach park. So while the adults searched for a shady spot, my cousin and I sat on the swings. I felt like I was seven again, my heart leaping ever so slightly when the swing dropped down and the wind beating against my face, making my hair fly. I have to say that the swings were a bit uncomfortable, and we had aching sides by the time we got off, but it was worth it.


We then went for a boat trip, which I have to say was exhilarating. It was a tiny boat with a shade and all, complete with all of us having to wear life jackets. I had been on a boat before, but I don’t really remember much from that incident. Again, we faced the sea, wind and sunshine accompanied by smiles on everyone’s faces. 

To think of the vast and varied population beneath the water was wonderful.Random fact:An estimated 50-80% of all life on earth is found under the ocean surface and the oceans contain 99% of the living space on the planet. Yes, the water in the sea is saline, but the thought of living under the sea ought to be an awesome experience. To look at the wondrous creatures living down there every day of your life, swimming to a new place every day. Oh, and the dream of being a mermaid will finally come true. Despite the fact that in the books I’ve read after the fairy tales, mermaids are supposed to be vicious and scary looking creatures. But my mind just will not accept that. I still believe in the fact that mermaids are beautiful creatures with even more beautiful voices.

We headed back home after that, the two-hour return journey being much more beautiful, with the sun slowly diminishing, giving the whole road a different glow. Or maybe it was the fact that my mind was filled with nice and new things, and was calm and relaxed.Or maybe it was the fact that I was choosing the tracks I wanted to listen to. Image

This trip opened my eyes, to some extent. The fact that human lives are so insignificant, compared to the stars and the planets and the milky way. The fact that nature has so much to offer and some of us overlook these wondrous things and move on with life. It seems impossible not to appreciate nature. It is the one thing that is impossible. It is impossible not only on earth, but anywhere else, for that matter.

Time — October 9, 2013
My favourite Harry Potter Characters — October 5, 2013

My favourite Harry Potter Characters

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am an ardent fan of the Harry Potter Series and my ultimate dream is to meet the characters. By characters, I mean the ones in the book, not the actors. I don’t mind meeting them either, but I would prefer the former.

With the number of characters involved in the series, it is nearly impossible to choose a favourite character. I love Luna Lovegood, Fred and George Weasley, Severus Snape, Sirius Black, Albus Dumbledore the most from the series, because, removing any one of them from the series, would be like murdering the series.

Luna Lovegood- She taught me that being weird is wonderful. Being different is nice sometimes. She did believe in a lot of things, from the thought that the Fudge had an army of Heliopaths to many other bizarre things like wrackspurts and crumple horned snorkacks which made her seem more crazier than she looked. Despite the fact that she was ridiculed because of the way she was, she did nothing to change herself. That is what I like the most about her. Luna Lovegood should be taken as an example for everyone.

Fred and George Weasley- I don’t believe there could be nicer twin brothers in the whole world. They never fought with each other and always found ways to cheer up everyone around them. They were very optimistic and down to earth people, making them my favourites in the Weasley family. Whenever I read a Harry Potter book, I always find myself serching for the twins’ parts. Also, the first time I ever cried for a character in a book was for Fred Weasley’s death. Yes, I may have been really really sad when Dumbledore died, but I sure did not shed a tear for it. I think I felt more traumatized thinking about the fact that what poor George was going to do. So Fred and George Weasley will be my favourite twin brothers forever.

Sirius Black- Though he did not appear much in the books (Prisoner of Azkaban-Goblet of Fire-Order of the Phoenix-Deathly Hallows)  or in the movies(Prisoner of Azkaban-Order of the Phoenix-Deathly Hallows), I still love the way he was. His rash behaviour charmed me the most. The way he and Harry interacted was beautiful. It was great to know that for a while, even if it was for a very little while, Harry had a true guardian. Someone like a parent who could advise him and be with him. His death might have affected Harry the most, maybe even more than Dumbledore.

Severus Snape– The saviour. I do not want to say much about him because once I start, I don’t think I will be able to stop. According to me, J.K. Rowling did hint that he was important throughout the whole series by dedicating a chapter to Severus Snape (In Philosopher’s stone- The Potions Master). According to me, he is one of the best characters ever created in the world. Is there a need to say more?

Albus Dumbledore– The greatest headmaster any school could have. He was extremely devoted to his job and cared for each and every student in this school, whether they were from Gryffindor or from Slytherin. He and Harry shared a very special bond, one which very few teachers have with students. He was more than just a teacher or headmaster to Harry. Undoubtedly, he was the wisest person in the whole series. The best part about him was that he was not fully perfect. He did have flaws, which made him a better person. When he exposes the worst of him in the last book, no one is disgusted. Maybe it was because of his greatness that this happens. The reason I love Dumbledore the most is because he is imperfect while being extremely great.


Dear J.K. Rowling,

If you ever happen to stumble by this post accidentally, I would like to thank you for making me meet the greatest people in the world and for the lessons I have learnt from each of them.

Be an imperfect genius — October 3, 2013
Random thought 2# on why I love fictional characters —

Random thought 2# on why I love fictional characters

Fictional characters…. who doesn’t love them?

You can fall in love with them and they will reciprocate the love back to you, whether they know it, or not. By this I mean only fictional characters in books. The best part about them is that you can morph the people you read about into whoever you want them to look like. Some people may just rely on the movies to find out how the characters look like, but to a true bookworm, it is he or she imagines finds time to imagine what the character looks like. Taking time to analyze and picture the character is something that I thoroughly enjoy doing.  Then discussing it with someone else who thinks that the character looks different. 

Fictional characters are so perfect, despite their imperfections and flaws. Maybe their flaws and the way they handle it makes them so wonderfully unique. It may even be the fact that you have an insight to the characters mind if you are reading from the character’s point of view. You will always understand a fictional character perfectly, sometimes, even more than real people.

Often, when I close a book, I have to take some time to digest the depressing fact that the fictional world is not real. And that the real world is not fictional. The characters that I so truly love, will never be able to hear me or feel my presence. My heart even breaks sometimes, when I see the one I love, between the pages of a book, with another girl. 

Real people cannot be as perfect as these characters. For example, they cannot be perfectly evil, like Voldemort. The thing about non-fictional characters is that, they are real. You cannot imagine their appearances, for they will be the same no matter what. Even if you love them with all your heart, they may never reciprocate that love back to you. 

Books can take you to different worlds, and even make you meet people you are destined to be with, for the rest of your life. That is why I absolutely love reading.

The first ever person I truly ever fell in love with is Percy Jackson. And fortunately or unfortunately, he isn’t real.Image

Pain- like I have never known —

Pain- like I have never known

This popped into my head one day, and I thought that I should really put it in here. You can all imagine the scenario of why she is going through such pain. I will leave it to you, as I have not found the exact reason. I am not going to expand the story because I do not know where to start or continue with this. Hope you enjoy it. 😀
As I settle into the bed, I run my fingers through the creases of the linen blankets. It seems to calm me down. My body is so tired, my bones feel like they are alight and my muscles are screaming in agony. After all I’ve been through, I close my eyes and wonder how many seconds it would take me to sleep. Six, maybe.

The pain intensifies and I don’t know what to do. I want to scream and hug my limbs, but I don’t have the energy to speak, let alone scream. My eyelids won’t stay down for more than three seconds. The only way to escape this excruciating pain is to fall asleep. Enter the world of dreams, where I wouldn’t have to face the pain. But my eyelids don’t seem to like that idea.

I start taking deep breaths but my lungs get constricted and I cough, which makes me wince. Mustering all of the energy left inside of me, I manage to get up and sit straight, the ornate headboard to support my weak back. I reach my hand out to the glass of water on the table beside me. My hand shivers violently and I bring my hand back.
My head is now spinning with the effort I took to reach for the glass. I lift my other hand and place it on my head, trying to apply force to calm it down. But my hand is numb and I’m worried that I may not be able to do anything in my life ever again. Could my death be approaching? 

The pain reaches to a point where I had not imagined pain could ever reach. Hot tears stream down my eyes and I look at my body, now expecting it to slowly be breaking into pieces. If this is death, it should happen fast, I pray. I wipe the tears from my face and hold my body tightly towards me. It is all I can do without disturbing the others. The tears are falling faster than before and in a few hours, or seconds, I don’t know the difference now, my pajamas are soaked with my own tears. I finally decide to give up, scream, run berserk. I cannot hold on much longer. Tears still streaming down my face, I make a mammoth effort to stand up.

I feel faint now, my knees buckle, and I pass out on the cold floor.

When I wake up, my head feels heavy but I notice that the pain in the rest of my body has receded. Feeling extremely grateful to whoever helped me up, I take a deep breath and sigh.

10 follows! — October 2, 2013

10 follows!

It is not the biggest number ever. But it is my first two digit number of followers! 😀 And boy, am I glad!

I would like to thank all those who have spent some of their precious time to read and even press the like button on my posts. Every like counts for me. I always feel elated when I get a notification saying that someone has liked my post. Because I know, somewhere, I might have just made someone happy, or realize something. And that is why words are so beautiful.

I hope, like any blogger would, that I get to post more of these thank you posts. Because it makes me happy.

Thank you so much! Here, words would not be enough to convey the message. But thank you again. And keep reading! And keep writing. And keep dreaming!Image