I wrote the first three chapters of the House of Hades about a month after reading the Mark of Athena. So its almost a year since I wrote it. It’s terrible when compared to Rick Riordan’s sneak peak, but here goes nothing.



HAZEL WAS COMPLETELY DISTRAUGHT after what had happened. She wanted to run away from everything. Watching Percy and Annabeth plummet into that Tartarus, she was terrified that such strong demigods could fall so suddenly. Life could change within a second. She hated being a demigod.

As she walked towards the engine room, to meet Leo, she felt like running back. After she’d shared with Leo, she sensed his awkwardness around her. It was very weird, that if she hadn’t died, Leo would have been her great grandson.

She opened the door and peeped inside. Leo didn’t seem to notice. He was looking at some scrolls, talking to Festus. She entered. “Leo?” she said, he looked up almost immediately, smiling. “Hey. What’s up?” he said looking back at his scrolls. “Umm… Leo, you want help?” What was she saying?

“Nah. I’m great, Miss La-”He stopped like he just realized what he was saying. He hit his head and continued “Hazel. But why all of a sudden? Not that I’m not liking it that you’re offering to help me with so much- Never mind. Next time you don’t have to ask me if I need help because I’ll always refuse out of modesty.” He said and looked at Festus. Festus made a noise and Leo smiled.

Hazel was getting annoyed that Leo wasn’t looking at her while he spoke. He was constantly fiddling with something which looked a little like a camera. “Okay then, I’m leaving.” She said, and turned towards the door. Leo didn’t look like he heard what she said.So she stamped her foot and said, “I’m leaving now.”

“Fine,” She heard Leo say. “I heard that, Hazel. Go. You’re not supposed to be here with me. It could be dangerous. For Frank.” Hazel wanted to protest but she figured that he had a point.

 As if to prove his point, his hand caught fire making Hazel take a step back. He extinguished the flames in his pockets and looked at hazel as if to say I told you so.

Hazel left the room with one last glimpse of Leo looking at his hands like he would’ve liked to cut them and throw them into Tartarus.


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Art by a very nice person who I’d really want to thank

  She walked through the Argo II and was so lost in thought she didn’t see Frank coming, she bumped into him. “Sorry.” Frank said. But Hazel hugged him and began sobbing. Frank didn’t react for a few seconds.

Hazel was going to leave when she felt Frank’s arms around her. “It’s… It’s okay. Umm… They’ll be back in no time. You’ll see.” Hazel thought Frank was going to turn into an iguana again. She let that thought in to replace her sad thoughts. Surprisingly, it wasn’t difficult to reduce the sobbing. Now she was crying silently into his shirt which was now wet from her tears. Even if Frank couldn’t really comfort her by talking, his hands were steady.

Then she heard Piper saying “Frank, Jason wanted you-”she stopped mid-sentence and said “Frank?…. Oh.” Hazel was now wiping her tears. “Hazel, are you alright?” Hazel nodded and managed to give a smile. But she began crying all over again.

Piper led her to her room and got her to sit on the bed. Frank followed but Piper said, “Jason needs your help.”

“So,” Piper said, “Are you alright?” Hazel wanted to run away. She didn’t seem to have an answer to this question. And she thought if she lied, anyone would believe but Piper. Piper poured out a glass of water and took a sip and added a spoon of sugar into it. Then she gave it to Hazel and waited for her to drink it. The water was mildly sweet. Somehow, it was soothing and she took another sip. Then another. Finally the glass was empty. The tears had stopped flowing.

She was totally bewildered. She looked at Piper and saw Piper smiling, she said, “Dad says it’s great to have sweet water. It makes you more energetic and happy. You’re alright now, I suppose.” Hazel nodded. She looked at Pipers room which was grey and white stripes. There was a picture of her and her dad in a corner of the room. The rest of the room was empty except for a white cupboard which was filled with pictures of different Cherokee eagles and more pictures of her with her father.

“It’s not about Percy and Annabeth, Is it?” She asked. Hazel looked at her and began speaking, but Piper interrupted “I know you’re going to refuse but I think there is something between the two of you. By two of you I mean you and Leo, not Frank. I know Leo the best after Jason. I mean, he’s a nice guy. He can’t even talk to girls without trying to restrain himself from running away.” She laughed.

 Hazel smiled. “I have to be honest to you, Piper. I really don’t know what’s happening. I don’t know about Leo. I’ll tell you the moment I know. I promise.”

As soon as she said that, the door flung open and revealed a Frank gasping for breath.“ The ship is on fire! Run!” he said and ran.