I guess I have to say, all the characters belong to Rick Riordan. 😀 



PERCY HAD ONLY ONE THOUGHT when he was falling through the bottomless pit: Don’t let go of Annabeth. He felt like his insides were being compressed into nothing and his bones catching fire. Every second he would think, please, let this be the end. But the end never came.

When Percy had let go of the ledge, he thought that he would rather die with Annabeth than staying away from her. The eight months they were apart was already horrible. Then Annabeth had to go to follow the Mark of Athena. Percy didn’t want to let go. He was scared he would lose her again and he couldn’t stand that.

Nico’s face, when Percy let go of the ledge was horrible. He looked like hope would never come to him in a million years. When Percy asked him to meet them at Epirus, he agreed, but again, there wasn’t another choice.

And then, he left the ledge holding Annabeth as tight as ever.

He couldn’t hear much except for a high pitched wail. The only happy thing about this place was that he was holding Annabeth’s hand and they were together. Soon, he felt Annabeth’s face on his chest. She was sobbing horribly and in no time his shirt was wet with her tears. Also, the only happy thing he had thought of reduced to almost nothing. They held on to each other as tightly as possible. After what seemed like hour

Suddenly, Percy understood they were nearing the end. He braced himself for the fall and held Annabeth tightly. He was not going to let go after so long.

They fell with a thud, Annabeth had not let go of his shirt yet. He was almost certain that fifty of his bones must be broken. Percy was sure he was going to faint. He could not see anything around him but he stood up. Every cell in his body was protesting, but he had to do it, for Annabeth. He stood up and realized his bones were still intact.

 Annabeth screamed a terrifying, blood curdling scream. He felt Annabeth right next to him, but she had become unconscious. “Annabeth!” He cried. “Wake up!” He shook her vigorously but she would not wake up. She was still breathing, but the fact that she was unconscious, scared him and he began to cry. “Annabeth, please, I can’t fight alone. Wake up!” Then he remembered her ankle. He ran to her ankle and was about to cut the string when a horrible sound came confirming his worst fear. It was a hissing sound. And Annabeth was gone.

 “You have come, I am very glad. I shall not let any of you return above alive! I will be loyal to mother Geae for the rest of my life! Forever! ” The moment Percy heard Arachne, he gripped Riptide tightly, which was his only hope. She pulled Annabeth towards her almost effortlessly and said “Don’t you want to fight for your girlfriend, son of Poseidon?”

“Leave her out of this.” He said trying to muster all of his courage. “Don’t be a coward, Arachne. You’re not going to use anyone as a shield. If you win, you take the two of us to Gaea, if I do, well, you’re finished.”

Arachne chuckled. “Such bravado. No wonder Mother gaea wants you for the sacrifice.” said Arachne, “I accept your terms, Son of Poseidon. But remember, It will be four times more difficult to fight me here.”

 Percy had no other choice than to fight. He prayed to all the Gods, though he was sure they would not listen. He could see nothing other than the glow of his blade in the darkness. He started drawing out the pros and cons he and Arachne had.

He had to fight a monster who he had never seen before in the dark. She was in home territory and Percy doubted there was any chance of her ever dying.

Then he looked at his advantages. None.

He charged.