As this summer vacation gets over, a sense of anxiety spreads over me. The details of the last day before the summer break is still crystal clear in my memory, it feels like it happened yesterday. But the calender does not lie. According to the calender, that day happened exactly two months back. Somehow, I’m not sure why it is anxiety that spreads over me. I’m not nervous. I’m not exited either, so anxious seems like the right word.  

The first day of school is never pleasant. That is the day you realize that you have to turn in some assignments, and when you realize that, you will be half asleep because you were busy last night watching a movie to enjoy the last of your freedom. Then you reach home and throw yourself into bed again, following your ‘holiday routine’. By nine pm, you are sitting for dinner, when you feel like you’ve forgotten something important. After what you’re forgetting strikes your mind, you shove as much as food you can in your mouth and rush to complete the assignments. By two am, you’re exhausted as ever and give up. You go back to school the next day and get punished. All this and then you get punished. 

By the second week, you are alright. At least you are falling asleep in only selected classes, not all of them. After about a month, you are good with school. You even tend to like it a bit. Then the exams approach, like a lightning charged cloud. It is enough to put you off for another two months.

According to me, school can be enjoyable, but only for a short period of time. A very short period of time.