This post was supposed to be published on the sixteenth from my phone, but for some reason it did not get published. So, here goes.

I am sitting in an aeroplane, midway through the journey from Kerala to Dubai, while typing this down. I can see one side of Kerala through a thin layer of clouds, looking as green as ever, the houses and trees getting smaller, as if someone put a shrinking charm(Reducio!)  on the southern tip of the country.  The magnificent rivers looked like tiny streams from up here. 

A little while later I see only the clouds and the sky around me, nothing else. As it nears seven o clock in my watch I can even see a minute orange ball in the horizon. The most beautiful thing ever. I thought about Peeta Mellark that time. It was beginning to be my favourite colour too. It felt as though we were chasing the sun, through the clouds. We were on top of at least thee layers of clouds by now. Image

As the sky darkened, the plane lowered about two layers of clouds. As I looked from the window, I noticed the pattern that the streetlights were making on the dark landmass below us. It looked like molten gold flowing through a crevice. Soon it will become an ornament for a very fortunate person, I thought.

As we neared Dubai, I felt a rush of happiness. Despite the fact that I was only living in Dubai and Kerala was my real home, I felt the exact opposite. I could recognise the landmarks even from up here. 

And Reaching home, is the the best thing that could have ever happened to me. All the tiredness that I had from travelling, washed off as I clumsily threw myself onto my bed, after a long bath.

I would take this opportunity to thank the Wright Brothers for having invented this truly wonderful vessel and believing that humans could fly too, like the birds and chase the sun too.