Rain… When we were kids, we were told that the sky was crying, or the rain God was angry, or the sky had a leaky tap. When we entered fourth grade we learned that rain was a part of the water cycle. Some of us even went home and told our parents that they were wrong.
Staying in a desert, rain comes as a relief to me. As I watch the raindrops descend from the sky and touch the ground, a sense of happiness flows through me. I have to suppress the sudden urge to jump out of the house a dance in the rain. The rain makes me feel like singing songs that have the word ‘rain’ in it. Unfortunately, only one song pops into my head which has only a single line with the word ‘rain’- Bubbly by Colbie Calliat
Ah, hopefully, the next time it rains, I will have a better song to sing.