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There can never be too many holidays. — August 30, 2013

There can never be too many holidays.

As this summer vacation gets over, a sense of anxiety spreads over me. The details of the last day before the summer break is still crystal clear in my memory, it feels like it happened yesterday. But the calender does not lie. According to the calender, that day happened exactly two months back. Somehow, I’m not sure why it is anxiety that spreads over me. I’m not nervous. I’m not exited either, so anxious seems like the right word.  

The first day of school is never pleasant. That is the day you realize that you have to turn in some assignments, and when you realize that, you will be half asleep because you were busy last night watching a movie to enjoy the last of your freedom. Then you reach home and throw yourself into bed again, following your ‘holiday routine’. By nine pm, you are sitting for dinner, when you feel like you’ve forgotten something important. After what you’re forgetting strikes your mind, you shove as much as food you can in your mouth and rush to complete the assignments. By two am, you’re exhausted as ever and give up. You go back to school the next day and get punished. All this and then you get punished. 

By the second week, you are alright. At least you are falling asleep in only selected classes, not all of them. After about a month, you are good with school. You even tend to like it a bit. Then the exams approach, like a lightning charged cloud. It is enough to put you off for another two months.

According to me, school can be enjoyable, but only for a short period of time. A very short period of time.


My room — August 25, 2013

My room

My room

My study desk. But I never study on it. It is used only for the purpose of keeping things. Ah, well.

From up here — August 20, 2013

From up here

This post was supposed to be published on the sixteenth from my phone, but for some reason it did not get published. So, here goes.

I am sitting in an aeroplane, midway through the journey from Kerala to Dubai, while typing this down. I can see one side of Kerala through a thin layer of clouds, looking as green as ever, the houses and trees getting smaller, as if someone put a shrinking charm(Reducio!)  on the southern tip of the country.  The magnificent rivers looked like tiny streams from up here. 

A little while later I see only the clouds and the sky around me, nothing else. As it nears seven o clock in my watch I can even see a minute orange ball in the horizon. The most beautiful thing ever. I thought about Peeta Mellark that time. It was beginning to be my favourite colour too. It felt as though we were chasing the sun, through the clouds. We were on top of at least thee layers of clouds by now. Image

As the sky darkened, the plane lowered about two layers of clouds. As I looked from the window, I noticed the pattern that the streetlights were making on the dark landmass below us. It looked like molten gold flowing through a crevice. Soon it will become an ornament for a very fortunate person, I thought.

As we neared Dubai, I felt a rush of happiness. Despite the fact that I was only living in Dubai and Kerala was my real home, I felt the exact opposite. I could recognise the landmarks even from up here. 

And Reaching home, is the the best thing that could have ever happened to me. All the tiredness that I had from travelling, washed off as I clumsily threw myself onto my bed, after a long bath.

I would take this opportunity to thank the Wright Brothers for having invented this truly wonderful vessel and believing that humans could fly too, like the birds and chase the sun too. 

Happy Birthday Percy Jackson!! — August 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Percy Jackson!!

I teared up.
I teared up.

Dear Percy,

I know that you will never be able to read, see or hear about this message, but my mind just will not accept that my hero will never be able to see or hear about me. Trust me, when I say that we have met in my head and in my dreams.

I cannot help but loving your style, your sense of humor, your wind blown dark hair and your mischievous smile that makes me blush inspire of myself. I think I have fallen in love with you despite the fact that you have not met me.

Please stay the same and never ever change, even after Tartarus.

I know you will survive this terrible battle and emerge victorious, I know you will kick Gaea’s ass, Percy Jackson.

Happy twenty-third birthday(or seventeenth) Percy!!



The rain is falling on my window pane.. — August 15, 2013

The rain is falling on my window pane..

Rain… When we were kids, we were told that the sky was crying, or the rain God was angry, or the sky had a leaky tap. When we entered fourth grade we learned that rain was a part of the water cycle. Some of us even went home and told our parents that they were wrong.
Staying in a desert, rain comes as a relief to me. As I watch the raindrops descend from the sky and touch the ground, a sense of happiness flows through me. I have to suppress the sudden urge to jump out of the house a dance in the rain. The rain makes me feel like singing songs that have the word ‘rain’ in it. Unfortunately, only one song pops into my head which has only a single line with the word ‘rain’- Bubbly by Colbie Calliat
Ah, hopefully, the next time it rains, I will have a better song to sing.

Think about this one :D — August 14, 2013