One of my first attempts on writing a poem. I am utterly horrible at it so please forgive me if you think that fourth graders would have been able to write better than this.

I did nothing

I watched as he planted the tiny seed which would grow into a tree.

I watched as it broke through the earth as if it were answering someoneโ€™s calls.

I watched its leaves spring and dance to the tune the water and wind sang.

I watched it shelter birds and animals that looked for a place to live.

I watched it grow and wise and tall enough to see the world.

I watched as he returned to chop it down to splinters.

I watched him swing his axe with glee and an evil sparkle in his eyes

I watched as he walked away with triumph and the wood he had got.

ย I watched as the birds cried for their home which was now ablaze.

I watched and watched but I did nothing.

But I did nothing.