Dreaming by day, doing by night

I did nothing — July 11, 2013

I did nothing

One of my first attempts on writing a poem. I am utterly horrible at it so please forgive me if you think that fourth graders would have been able to write better than this.

I did nothing

I watched as he planted the tiny seed which would grow into a tree.

I watched as it broke through the earth as if it were answering someone’s calls.

I watched its leaves spring and dance to the tune the water and wind sang.

I watched it shelter birds and animals that looked for a place to live.

I watched it grow and wise and tall enough to see the world.

I watched as he returned to chop it down to splinters.

I watched him swing his axe with glee and an evil sparkle in his eyes

I watched as he walked away with triumph and the wood he had got.

 I watched as the birds cried for their home which was now ablaze.

I watched and watched but I did nothing.

But I did nothing.

Apologies — July 9, 2013


Okay.. So I haven’t been writing in a long long time. This is mainly due to laziness, poor internet connection and the writers block. I have, however written a lot which I will try posting once I reach a place right now with better Internet reception.

Currently, I am at a village in Southern India with my grandparents. It is raining cats and dogs here… And for a person who lives in a desert for ten months a year, green leaves and lots of rain comes only as a relief..

Sorry for not posting.. I will toss my laziness in the trash can and bring to you something worth reading(hopefully).


Eyes — July 3, 2013


The eyes are the windows to the soul. And beautiful windows too. 

The eyes say the truth no matter what he circumstances are and the eyes don’t ever deceive. No wonder every second song is about these beauties. Eye colour is an another wonder itself- blue, hazel, green(I love), brown and sometimes black. The eyes define who you are and what you really can be.

So, that is it I guess.. I just cannot write anymore.