Memories are something that every human being has the tendency to cling to. I might not have seen much of the world, but I know that once you lose something it’s value increases tenfold. I do remember a few things that cheer me up, but there are others that make me pine for reaching out for those memories and reliving each of those moments. 

The first time I watched Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone(or was it sorcerers stone?) years before I started worshiping the Phenomenon. I was barely seven but I remember we watched the movie only halfway. The part which stands clear in my memory is when Hagrid drops baby Harry on the Dursley’s doorstep. Sometime later I also remember seeing my friends play the video game while I talked to them about how much I disliked Harry Potter(Yes, that was me.)

I remember one of the first days in fifth grade when we had an English test where I had done horribly and had never done so badly in my previous years. I was downcast and thought everyone would have done better than me. But I was wrong. In the bus, my friend too, looked crestfallen. We both had scored the same marks. We cried a lot and the best part was that we did it together. What are friends for?

I remember the days my father used to teach me cycling without the training wheels. He used to push my cycle till I was confident and then let go.

Back in first grade, I remember my mom painstakingly copying down my notes through the telephone whenever I was absent. She would call my friend who was in a higher grade for writing down my Arabic translations. 

I still remember the first time I met Laboni back when I was in KG2 and she was in first grade. I also remember how and why we met. 

I remember the endless times spent in Laboni’s house playing ‘ghost ghost’ or ‘funtimes’.I also remember making Barbie dolls catwalk on the ramp.When I think about Barbie movies, I think about Barbie as the Princess and the pauper, how I was Erika and Laboni was Annalise.

I remember the first movie I watched ONLY with my friends (How to Train Your Dragon) Which also happened to be my first 3D movie. That was wicked.

The first time I played Holi in Mumbai- It was brilliant and about 7 years ago….

I cannot forget all my defeats in Talent Contest.(About five times. Atleast I havent given up.) The only time when our school gave out glass trophies, when I was in 3rd grade(I won 3rd place for doing a puppet show based on Little Red Riding Hood.).
The first ‘Wimpy Kid’ book I read, finishing it within an hour, feeling extremely proud of myself for this feat and finally realizing that everyone else took the same time.
I don’t think I’ll ever forget the first time I read a Harry Potter book, one of the most magical moments for me.

Obviously, there are a lot of things which I will have to remember, the list is too long (and I am a little lazy right now. 😀 )