It hurts when you know that a person has left you and moved on in life one day and you are still suck in the same place waiting for her to come by. Somehow a person who hasn’t talked to you for the months or years apart would not be the same. When someone who you trust leaves you, maybe not literally or intentionally, you know somewhere  in the bottom of your heart they’re not going to return. At least not in the same way. They may never be the same again.

It hurts when you think about this sometimes and you try your best to forget the past and move on like she has done, but, it never happens. 

Sometimes its the other way round. You’re the one who leaves her and lets her cry. And you may not even know that. That is even scarier. Not knowing that you have hurt someone so badly. 

For those who have had to leave because of the circumstances or because they have no other choice, Im sorry and its all going to be alright. And for those of my friends who have left because of other reasons, well, good luck.

These may seem like random lame thoughts and too theory-ish for a fourteen and a half year old to write but the only way to take a break from my not so exciting life, is to write or type. Whatever. 😀