I personally feel that every person you meet does leave an impression on your life. Even if you’ve known them for a second or twelve years they still leave you thinking. I sometimes find myself thinking things that I’m not sure were inside me. It makes me feel like questioning my existence. Although that is weird coming from a girl who is barely fifteen, obsessed with fictional characters and whose biggest wish is to ride a Pegasus….

I think about the other girls in my class who have had far more experiences than me on what to write in here. I think about the girls who do so much in the world just to be laughed at later. I think about the girls who come to school to shine and manage to stay under the spotlight for the fourteen years of school life. I think about the girls who can sing, dance and draw beautifully but fail to please the teachers. I think about those girls who cannot afford one meal a day. I think about the girls whose lives are a lie. I think about girls who do everything to keep themselves from dying. I think about the girls who stand up and speak for injustice. I think about the girls who try their best but never get liked. That is when I question my existence. If I deserve all the love and goodness I’ve ever got in these fourteen-and-a-half years. If I ought to make a difference in the world. 

This are the rare times these thoughts cross me. It is nice to depend on the internet sometimes….