It is completely unfair that everyone has to listen to their mind, heart and instinct every time a decision is made. If this is not enough, he/she also has to listen to the society and everyone else. It is enough to drive anyone to the mental hospital. I think that adults listen to their minds, children to their instincts (only because their hearts are way too small and their minds dont have anything much). And we teenagers listen to our hearts. And our parents. And our friends. And sometimes, in very rare cases, to strangers. And in even rarer cases, to teachers. Then we are left to take a decision about our decision. Ninety percent of the time, my heart wins over my mind. And I’m happy. Isn’t it good enough that you are happy with your decision? Apparently not. Your parents have to be happy. And your friends. All of them. And if one of them is unsatisfied with your decision all hell beaks loose for you. It happens to every teenager. Well if it doesn’t, I have to say you’ve managed to keep your heart and mind on the same side. And that, is a tough task to do.